NICOCHEM was founded in 1986 and is engaged in the business of producing and marketing of chemical cleaning, hygiene, disinfection and maintenance products within the food industry as well as the sectors of foodservice (HO.RE.CA.), cleaning of professional buildings and workers’ safety. At the same time it develops new business activities with high-technology products. It covers and supports HACCP and ISO 22000 applications with complete hygiene plans for the foodservice industry-patisseries, bakeries and butcher shops.

On a daily basis, NICOCHEM employs 29 people of various specialties and the careful selection of staff has helped towards the proper and controlled growth of the company; while, the company’s conveyances and transportations are conducted with its privately owned transportation means, which are being upgraded on a regular basis and keep growing in numbers.

Our goal is to produce and supply the market with quality products, geared towards the protection of human, the environment and the surfaces; when at the same time, the services provided by our well-trained staff, are such that can provide effective solutions, and can generally respond to any specificity and requirement of the customers.


merchants in Greece and Europe


Customers that trust us


At its privately owned facilities, of total area of 3200 sq.m., at Agios Stefanos Attica and Oinofyta Viotia products that meet the current cleaning methods and comply with all the European quality regulations with the highest degree of biodegradation, are being manufactured, in two modern factories and under thorough quality control, and with the most modern technology systems.

Our facilities consist of: Administrative Offices, a fully equipped laboratory which includes equipment for research and development of new products, production areas, packaging and storage areas for raw materials, finished goods as well as a complete department for the service of commercial dish/glass washing machines.

The NICOCHEM company has the EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality management and assurance system for the research, design and manufacturing of detergents, through which it ensures consistent quality in the products it produces as well as the services it provides to its customers in order to meet their requirements, while maintaining a high level of efficiency and competitiveness in the market. Its mode of operation makes it a dynamic and emerging company in the field.



Establishment of the company (production of 3 products)


Full range of restaurant products


1st collaboration with private label product


Creation of Ncd Gold and Nic Dry Gold


Development of a range of clothing products


1st export


Development of food industry range


Manufacture of powder products


Development of a product range for vehicle cleaning


Production of 149 different products

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